Job Board Plugins for WordPress: 9 of the Best in 2024

Are you looking to post jobs or allow other companies to post on your WordPress website? Good news: adding and customizing a job board is simple with a job board plugin for WordPress.

Adding a job board to your WordPress site can help you attract candidates, increase traffic, and even generate revenue if you charge for job postings.

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Today, we’ll explore some of the best job board plugin options — complete with video demos, screenshots, and insights from my experience as both an applicant and a hiring manager.

What are WordPress Job Board Plugins?

A WordPress job board plugin is a tool that lets you add job listings to your website. You can post jobs for your own company or let other companies list jobs for a fee. These plugins help you advertise job vacancies directly on your site, instead of relying on external platforms.

Best WordPress Job Board Plugins

1. JobSearch WP Job Board WordPress Plugin

Best for: Offering multiple application methods

This premium plugin features application deadlines, tracking, alerts, and job suggestions. It allows candidates to apply via Facebook or LinkedIn, increasing your reach.

What I think: It’s simple, intuitive, and offers great features like team member access for viewing candidates’ profiles.

2. WPJobBoard

Best for: Customization

WPJobBoard is another premium plugin with features for creating and managing job listings and resumes. It stands out for its customization options, allowing you to tailor email notifications, application forms, and the overall look and feel.

What I think: It offers strong backend functionality, but I prefer JobSearch WP for its easier navigation.

3. WP Job Manager

Best for: Providing filterable job listings and alerts

Created by Automattic, WP Job Manager offers a free and premium version with Ajax-powered search and filter options, making it easy for users to find relevant jobs quickly.

What I think: This is a great option for a filterable job board with useful category organization features.

4. WP Job Openings

Best for: Adding a career page to your website

This freemium plugin offers flexible filter options and customizable layouts. It’s ideal for creating a career page for your company, with an easy-to-read application format and PDF preview capabilities.

What I think: It’s excellent for company-specific career pages with detailed UI for applicant management.

5. Simple Job Board

Best for: Multilingual sites

Simple Job Board is a free plugin that supports multiple languages, making it ideal for multilingual sites. It allows you to add and customize job listings with shortcodes.

What I think: Good for multilingual needs, but if not required, other plugins may offer more robust features.

6. JobBoardWP

Best for: Membership sites

This free plugin integrates with the Ultimate Member plugin, allowing job boards to be added to membership sites. Members can post jobs on their profiles and activity feeds.

What I think: Ideal for membership sites, but lacks demo features for a comprehensive evaluation.

7. Job Board Manager

Best for: Email notifications

Job Board Manager is a free plugin with features for listing jobs and resumes. It includes 11 pre-made email templates for different actions.

What I think: Great for resume archiving and email notifications, though the UI could be better.

8. WP Job Portal

Best for: Resume parsing

This freemium plugin makes it easy for job seekers and employers to find matches with features like resume parsing and advanced filtering.

What I think: Useful for resume parsing but lacks the comprehensive features of top plugins.

9. Recruitly Addons

Best for: Elementor websites

Recruitly Addons integrates with Elementor, offering widgets for job lists, search panels, featured jobs, and more.

What I think: Perfect for Elementor sites with features like job comparison and favorite listings.

Finding the Right WordPress Job Posting Plugin

A WordPress job posting plugin can help you advertise open positions efficiently, attract more visitors, expand your candidate pool, and potentially earn extra income. Any of the plugins above can help you create a job board and start reaping these benefits.


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