Kinguin: A Digital Products Home

Kinguin is an online marketplace that provides a platform for third-party sellers to list and sell digital products such as video game keys, software licenses, and other digital content. Launched in 2013, Kinguin has grown to become one of the more well-known digital marketplaces, similar to G2A and Eneba. It caters primarily to gamers looking for discounted prices on digital games and software.

Recent discounts and Offers from Kinguin

Kinguin Campaigns

Campaign 1: 20% off on MS and Windows products!

Kinguin: A Digital Products Home

Use code SOFT20WARE and get 20% off on MS and Windows products!
End date: 2024-07-03
promo code: SOFT20WARE
T&Cs: Redeem limit per User/IP: 1, Max. basket value €100

Use code SOFT20WARE and get 20% off on MS and Windows products!Kinguin: A Digital Products Home

Campaign 2: Elden Ring DLC

Kinguin: A Digital Products Home

Explore Shadow of the Erdtree – Elden Ring DLC now available on Kinguin!
Start date: 2024-06-19
Game release: 2024-06-21
End date: 2024-06-26

Explore Shadow of the Erdtree – Elden Ring DLC now available on KinguinKinguin: A Digital Products Home

Features of Kinguin

  1. Wide Selection of Products
  • Kinguin offers a vast array of digital products, including video game keys for platforms like Steam, Origin, Uplay, and Epic Games Store. It also provides software licenses for products such as Microsoft Office and Windows OS, as well as gift cards and in-game items.
  1. Competitive Pricing
  • One of the primary draws of Kinguin is its competitive pricing. Users can often find games and software at prices significantly lower than those offered by official digital storefronts.
  1. Buyer Protection Program
  • To protect buyers from potential issues with third-party sellers, Kinguin offers a “Kinguin Buyer Protection” program. This service, available for a small additional fee, ensures that if a product key is invalid or revoked, Kinguin will offer a replacement or refund.
  1. User-Friendly Interface
  • The Kinguin website is designed to be user-friendly, with easy navigation and a clear layout that helps users find the products they are looking for quickly. The search function and categorized listings make browsing straightforward.
  1. Global Availability
  • Kinguin operates globally, offering products to customers in various regions. This broad reach makes it accessible to a wide audience.

Products Offered by Kinguin

  1. Video Game Keys
  • Kinguin’s primary offering is digital game keys. These keys are available for multiple gaming platforms including Steam, Origin, Uplay, and more. The marketplace covers a wide range of genres, from action and adventure to strategy and simulation.
  1. Software Licenses
  • In addition to games, Kinguin also sells software licenses. This includes operating systems like Windows 10 and office suites like Microsoft Office.
  1. In-Game Items and DLCs
  • Gamers can purchase in-game items, expansions, and downloadable content (DLC) for various games. These items can enhance the gaming experience by providing new features, levels, or cosmetic items.
  1. Gift Cards
  • Kinguin offers digital gift cards for various platforms and services, including Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Google Play. These can be used to purchase games, apps, and other digital content.

Advantages of Using Kinguin

  1. Cost Savings
  • One of the main advantages of using Kinguin is the potential for significant cost savings. Many products are sold at prices lower than those found on official platforms.
  1. Wide Range of Products
  • The extensive selection of games and software means that users can find almost any digital product they are looking for.
  1. Convenience
  • Kinguin offers a convenient way to purchase digital products. The instant delivery of digital keys means that users can start using their purchased products almost immediately.
  1. Frequent Promotions
  • Kinguin often runs promotions and discounts, providing additional savings opportunities for users.

Disadvantages of Using Kinguin

  1. Risk of Invalid Keys
  • As a third-party marketplace, there is a risk of receiving invalid or revoked keys. This can happen if a seller lists a key that has been previously used or obtained through unauthorized means.
  1. Additional Costs for Buyer Protection
  • While the Buyer Protection program provides a safeguard, it comes at an additional cost. Users may need to factor this into the total price of their purchase.
  1. Variable Seller Reliability
  • The reliability of third-party sellers can vary. While Kinguin does vet its sellers, the marketplace nature means that not all transactions are guaranteed to be problem-free.

Price Range of Popular Products

  • Video Games
  • Prices for video games on Kinguin can vary widely based on the title and its popularity. Newer releases and popular AAA titles typically range from $20 to $50, while older or indie games can often be found for $5 to $20.
  • Software Licenses
  • Software licenses such as Microsoft Office can range from $30 to $70, while Windows OS licenses are usually between $15 and $50, depending on the version.
  • In-Game Items and DLCs
  • Prices for in-game items and DLCs vary based on the game and item rarity. Typical prices range from $2 to $20.

Credibility of Kinguin

Kinguin has established itself as a credible platform in the digital marketplace space, but its reputation is mixed due to the nature of third-party selling. While many users have positive experiences, there are reports of issues with invalid keys. Kinguin’s credibility is bolstered by its Buyer Protection program, which provides a safety net for purchasers. However, it is always advisable for buyers to conduct their own due diligence, read reviews, and consider the seller’s rating before making a purchase.

Buyer Protection

Kinguin’s Buyer Protection program is designed to safeguard customers against potential issues with their purchases. For a small additional fee, buyers can opt into this service, which offers:

  1. Key Replacement or Refund
  • If a key is found to be invalid or revoked, Kinguin will provide a replacement or issue a refund.
  1. Customer Support
  • Enhanced customer support is provided to handle any issues that arise, ensuring a smoother resolution process.
  1. Peace of Mind
  • By opting into Buyer Protection, customers can shop with greater confidence, knowing that they are protected against potential fraud or key issues.


Kinguin is a popular online marketplace for digital game keys, software licenses, and other digital products. It offers a wide selection of products at competitive prices, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers. While the platform provides significant cost savings and convenience, it also comes with risks associated with third-party sellers, such as the potential for invalid keys. Kinguin’s Buyer Protection program helps mitigate these risks by offering key replacements or refunds and enhanced customer support. Overall, Kinguin can be a valuable resource for gamers and digital product seekers, provided they exercise caution and take advantage of available protections.

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