Sightseeing Pass

Up to 35% Off – 2024 Sale

End Date: 8 January, 2024

Sightseeing Pass

Book NYC Sightseeing Passes now at 2023 Prices

You have 12 months from the date of purchase to activate your Passes – all non-used Passes are refundable with Sightseeing Pass insurance. Buy in advance and protect yourself from price increase.

Why Sightseeing Pass

NYC Sightseeing Pass is designed to save you money even when visiting just 2 Attractions. Created by local New Yorkers for visitors and locals alike, Sightseeing Passes have already helped over 1 Million customers.

Cities to Visit

Sightseeing Passes are available for New York City, New Orleans, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Nashville, Orlando, Miami, Key West, Puerto Rico & USA. They are expanding operations in other cities.

Plan your Trip before you arrive

Sign up to NYC travel tips, free subway, bus and attraction maps. Planning in advance is a key to a successful trip.


Entry to 4 Observation Decks & $60 Heli Offer, Central Park and Bronx Zoos, NY Aquarium, Go-Airlink Airport transfer, The Cauldron NYC – Potion making for Beginners and the Museum of Broadway only with The Sightseeing Pass.

NYC Sightseeing Pass

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